About Middle Point Landfill

Middle Point Landfill

Middle Point is an environmentally safe, economical, and reliable solution for solid waste for Rutherford County and Middle Tennessee. Middle Point has served businesses and municipalities throughout Middle Tennessee since 1988. The landfill handles approximately 3,700 tons of waste per day. Middle Point enables numerous counties across Middle Tennessee to grow and prosper by providing safe and environmentally responsible waste disposal services.

Landfill Management

Landfills are an essential part of the infrastructure necessary for a community to function, and their role is increasingly vital as our population grows and the number of active, permitted landfills declines.

Middle Point is dedicated to maintaining a balance between its business operations and protecting the environment and communities we serve. We are committed to operating with environmental practices and policies that are good for our customers, local businesses, and residents.

Ongoing technical upgrades at Middle Point reflect our commitment to be responsible stewards of our environment and community. For more information – go to Initiatives